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People of the Seal ...
bringing to life a Universal and Local way of making ourselves Visible to each other as well as to everybody else.
Jesus-SealSpanish Seal of JesusArabic Seal of Jesus
English & Greek                                        Spanish                                                  Arabic
Chinese Seal of Jesus
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There are Many More to Come,
All Translations come in 2 steps. First the language translation and it then it gets 
Verification for accuracy, then placing it into the actual Seal.
We are seeking additional translations, in fact, we have a total of 50 we are seeking at this time.
We have a team of Translators who for their Love of Jesus are giving us help, guidence
and their very kind assistence. We will Identify each one assisting us.
This Seal is expected to become recongized, worldwide, in fullfillment of our Idea of what would
the Seal of God, referenced in the Book of Revelations look like.
This is what developed over a streatch of 30+ years, finalized in 2011.
Soon, we do plan on getting Flags, Posters, even Billboards, and a whole lot of items
that will display the Seal on them We will also make this information available
on how you will be able to obtain them.


Any Questions? Call 626-380-8018,  Ask for Ken, or leave your message upon the prompt.

A few years ago, while waiting at a bus stop, 3 others showed up to wait for the bus.
Myself, and 3 others. I had a "boombox" radio with me, and it wss tuned into a Christian Music station. Eventually, it turned out that there was a total of 3 out of the 4 of us waiting for the bus to arrive, who spoke up, as fellow Christians.
I learned something that day, and what I learned is that there ARE a whole lot of us.
We need a means to know that no matter what the setting is, who we are, even to each other!
You will be surprised at how many of us there are, as the Seal of Jesus Christ spreads into the Culture,
This does that.